Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Welcome to our home Ava, our stunning new little girl here at Shirrmontana,  Ava is pra/fn hereditary clear and black, white & tan.  More details to follow 

Ava has now been DNA tested for AON and AMS and is clear of both conditions

7th June 2017

Ava is now 11 weeks old and yesterday had her one and only vaccination, due to the problems associated with the Lepto4 vaccine, I have decided to never give the Lepto vaccination,  Yesterday Ava had the core vaccine only DHP and will not need another for a minimum of 3 years, my vet has marked her card accordingly.

The L4 vaccine has been causing major problems with the auto immune systems, so I will not be taking any chances with my dogs health.  Boosters should only be given every 3 years as per the guidelines of the manufactures Nobivac, so even if your vet sends you reminders saying you'll need to start the whole course again, please don't, this is NOT true, some dogs are covered for 7 years+ by their puppy jab.  The reason vets give 3 injections is because at 8 weeks, when the first is administered, they are still covered by mums immunity, which makes the first injection pointless, also Lepto only covers your dog for 2 month max, which means your dog would need 6 injections per year to be full covered.

If you are on Facebook, please join this group to read more about peoples experiences with this dreadful vaccine.

Ava at 4.1/2 months old, lovely little girl full of life and energy and we hope she'll be best friends with Mabel as they are very close in age.

27th October 2017

My beautiful Ava now 7 months, such a pretty little girl.

11th January 2018

Ava filling out beautifully now looking like a grown up little girl, now 10 months old, this was just before her bath and trim

20th March 2018

My darling little Ava is a whole ONE today, happy birthday!
25th June 2018

My pretty little girl Ava who has taken a liking to my mint plant 
Chasing around with her sister Mabel, Avas coat is finally growing back, she dropped it all after her first season

29th January 2021 -  Ava has been DNA tested CLEAR for pra/FN with Pet Genetics Laboratory, she has also been tested CLEAR for AON and AMS