Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Once all of Avas pups are in their new homes I will move this folder to Ava's subpage, so will still be available to view.


If any of you that have now reserved a puppy use Facebook, please find me and I'll add you to my Shirrmontana group.

Find me as:  Sharon Martin (Sharon Edmunds) and my profile picture, surprisingly, is of a cocker spaniel playing with a ball.

thank you all for your interest.

Thank you.





The first week and more the pups are very delicate and we need to be sure they are all thriving before making promises to anyone, obviously with the amount of enquiries I've received sadly there won't be enough for everyone who has contacted me.

Thank you for your patience.
Sharon & Paul

One very quick video of todays scan please don't rely on what you see as the final number as normally there are a couple more hiding.

Another quick video of Ava's scan today, looking at her it's hard to believe she's actually pregnant but yep definitely wriggly pups in there day 33.  11/4/2020

Avas scan today 24.4.2020

28th April 2020

Just a quick update, Ava is keeping well, still eating which is good as sometimes they go off their food at this stage, just under 2 weeks to go now, at the weekend I will get the whelping box out in preparation.  I've checked on the pups via scan and all kicking away happily.

As explained (muliple times) please don't contact me asking to be put on my waiting list as it doesn't open until the pups have arrived and are thriving.  Sorry to keep repeating myself, but I've had over 90!!  emails now, which is crazy.

2nd May 2020

Just a quick update, with just over a week to go Ava is doing well, not used to being heavier than normal and forgets when she tries to jump up on the sofa and her back end won't lift off the floor.  Her eating has slowed down and she's getting a bit fussy with the food she will eat, but this is all normal at this stage of pregnancy as she feels full all the time.

Please bear with me once the litter has arrived, my time will be spent focusing on Ava and her family for the first couple of days so I may not have time to reply to incoming emails.

Ava isn't having a big litter, I'm saying  possibly 5.......only time will tell.

Once we get to a week to go, I'll do a daily countdown, if I'm late posting it doesn't mean things are moving, just that I'm busy, but will update daily.

Thank you for your patience.

Today I've given Ava her maternity trim, this makes it easier for her puppies to find the milk bar and keeps her clean when giving birth.

Just a few days to go please remember this could be a day or two before or after her due date, so please keep checking back for news.

8th May 2020  -  VE day deliveries!

Well done Ava and Wilf on a beautiful litter of 7 BLUE roan puppies,  5 girls  2 much for my 'small' litter prediction.

Thank you.  Pictures to follow.

9th May 2020

 -  Day 1, so far so good, Ava is being a fantastic mum, plenty of milk which is great (even if tiny nipples)  the smaller pups were struggling to latch on, so the bigger ones start them off then we swap them over.

Haven't taken many pictures as of yet, we're letting Ava settle into motherhood.  So please watch this space for more news over the coming days.

11th May 2020  - 

Just a quick update to say all is going well, Ava is being a good mummy and pups are all gaining weight and have done since day 1.

I'll post more pictures in a day or two,   but just thought I'd let you know things are going well so far.  Still early days but now day 3,  Avas eating has picked up, which again will help her milk supply.

One short video of Ava and her lovely blue roan family, video taken today, pups are one week old already!!

The two boys have blue collars, the rest are all girls 

15th May 2020

New Defra rules which came into effect yesterday, which now means new puppy owners are able to collect their puppy but still abiding by social distancing, this means I can bring pup out to the garden where you can meet us, mum and pick up your puppy.  You will also be asked to sign the contract.

18th May 2020  -  Learning the cocker pose quickly!

1st June 2020 - a few pictures taken today, first picture is Archie, second picture the other little boy, yet to be named

Pictures taken today 12th June 2020

26th June 2020

Can't believe the pups are now 7 weeks old, just another week before they start leaving for their new homes, this weekend I will be microchipping them and all being well their final vet check up.

The picture on the left is Archie from this litter, they are all absolutely stunning, thank you Ava and Wilf for producing such a lovely litter.

3rd July 2020  -  Today our babies started flying the nest, first to leave was Jack, Rosie and Archie, good luck little ones.

4th July 2020 -  Today Ava's last 4 babies leave us for the new homes, good luck girls.  Isla and Daisy are on their way home, last to leave is Poppy and Beryl