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For those of you who were watching Milas litter and saw how little Dotty struggled during those first weeks, thought I'd update you all with photos and little about how things have gone.

After watching Dotty, once she got to weaning stage, I was certain she had a cleft palate, but not a major one as she was eating/drinking ok once on solid foods.

When she got to 12 weeks we took her to the vet for her DHP injection and was checked over by our lovely vet Katy.  Sadly Dotty was confirmed as having a double cleft, roof of mouth and back of throat.  The owner vets gave Dotty a check up and said that it was something they could repair, Steve Tasker (owner vet) and Matt Casey, vet arranged for the operation to be done once reached 14 weeks.

The day came,  operation went ahead which was a success, Dotty stayed in the vet overnight and was allowed home the following day, we had 10 days of soft food only, then went back for her post op check.  Both Steve and Matt were amazed at how well and quickly everything had healed.

I will post pictures below of the op.

9th April 2020

Below are pictures of Dotty as she is today, full of life (and energy) runs and plays, eats and drinks normally, she will have to stay on dry food now for the rest of her life, but it's definitely not holding her back.

and one video of her playing with her sister Doris......please excuse the printer on the step, sadly my laser printer died and at the moment no recycling centres open.

We have decided to keep Dotty here, when she's had her first

season she will be spayed and will continue

being a pampered pet

5th February 2021

My lovely loopy Dotty is doing so well, we have clipped her coat off as she's a bit of a mud magnet and loves playing in water and pouring rain