Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

A massive thank you to Lara for this fab picture she did of Elsie and her babies 


Elsie & Rolex litter born 2nd April 2021 

I need to point out that the intention of this litter is for me to keep a boy, so if anyone is waiting on a boy, if there is more than one, I may not be able to tell you which one is available for a while, until I've watched them fill out and chosen which one I plan on keeping.

Also, previous puppy owners get first refusal, which means there won't be enough for everyone that has enquired about this litter.

Please read my puppy contract page and familiarise yourself with the details, especially the part about breeding endorsements, which means you will NOT to able to breed from your pup as this was a condition put in place with the stud dog owner.

1st February 2021

Our darling Elsie (blue roan) has today been mated to a very handsome orange roan boy called Rolex, his Kennel Club name is Casanova of La Vie Magnifique (Imp Hun)  We should be able to scan Elsie once she reaches 4 weeks since her mating, so please check back for details and hopefully good news.

22nd February 2021

A very early scan confirms pregnancy, well done Elsie and Rolex.

2nd March 2021  =   Another short video this time done in an orange colour, which hopefully you can see the pups easier

8th March 2021 -  day 35,  over half way now

13th March 2021 -  Day 40, Elsie is doing well, still eating well which is good as sometimes they go off their food at this stage, still playing and running around (not with the others in case of any knocks or bumps)  So another video, you'll be sick of seeing them by the time this litter is born, but I love to see the progress as the pups are developing.  Lots of wriggling going on now and you can see the start of the bones, which show as white, developing.

15th March 2021  -  6 weeks today  -  No pictures or videos today, just a quick update.  All is well, Elsie is eating well, playing, and just being her normal self.  Her tummy is filling out nicely and she's definitely calmer than normal and is avoiding any rough play with the other dogs.  Can't believe how quickly time is flying by now.  5th April is her official date, fingers crossed she whelps without any problems as 'typically' it's Easter Monday

21st March 2021  -  7 weeks tomorrow, just 2 weeks to go, not sure how many more videos I will be able to film as the pups get bigger it's hard to see what is what.  So for now, on this video, you can see little legs kicking out.  Elsie is doing well, starting to get a bit picky choosy with her food, but she will eat raw chicken, chicken wings, raw heart and tripe.

28th March 2021

Well here we are, one week tomorrow, so we're on a daily countdown now.  Elsie isn't very big so I'm thinking it's not a big litter, which I'm fine with, it's always nice for the girls to have a smaller litter first time round.

So from tomorrow, we'll be doing a 7 day countdown.   Whelping box is up and ready, although Elsie has other ideas about sleeping in it at the moment, but hopefully that will change once labour starts.

The pen door is open during the day so she can wander around, it is closed at times just to keep my other dogs away from her, especially Maggie as she does love to play rough.

31st March, 2021  -  No change this morning, lots of sleeping, not eating much, which is normal, lots of snoring, but happy in herself, asks for cuddles and to go out to the garden.


29/3/2021  -  7 days to go  -  No Change
30/3/2021  -  6 days to go  -  No Change
31/3/2021  -  5 days to go  -  No Change
01/4/2021   -  4 days to go  -  No Change 
02/4/2021  -  3 days to go  -  No Change

2nd April 2021  Good Good Friday  

Well where do I start, no signs this morning, then suddenly this afternoon Elsie looked to be in early stages of labour, first pup arrived at 18.26 a very dark blue girl and from then onwards we had blue boy, 2 x orange girls, 2 x orange boys, 1 orange girl, 1 orange boy, so 8 lovely puppies, well done Elsie and Rolex.

Pictures to follow in the next day or two,  I am shattered and so is poor Elsie, so much for the small litter.  A couple of the pups are quite small, so I will have to concentrate on those.

So for now please DO NOT contact me about reserving a puppy, we need to make sure they all make it first.


Pictures above are in the order they were born and are as follows:-

18.26     Blue roan girl     252g............Reserved Lara...........puppy name Ivy
20.02     Blue roan boy     306g.............Reserved Sara............puppy name Eli
20.58     Orange girl          242g.............Holding back for now..........we've nick named her Gem
21.10     Orange girl         264g.............. Reserved Steve & Tracey...........puppy name Indie 
22.46     Orange boy         292g..............Reserved for Stephanie & Mick...........puppy name Edmund
23.10     Orange boy         180g............   RIP Tiny Tim 
23.45     Orange girl          228g............ Reserved Poppy...........puppy name Leah
00.10     Orange boy         276g.............Reserved  Staying called Reggie

It is with great sadness and heartache that I have to announce, our darling little boy (picture 6) gained his angel wings at 3.25am on 5/4/2021 and has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, just too perfect for this world.  Run free darling boy, go find Bramble over The Bridge she'll take good care of you, I'm so sorry I couldn't save you, I tried so hard, but held you till you took your last breath.

Sleep tight sweetheart, you may have only been with us 48 hours but you had a big impact on my heart.

9th April 2021

Happy 1 week old puppies.!!

Elsie continues to be a great mummy, pups are all well fed and cleaned.  One little girl isn't gaining as well as the rest, so we're topping her up during the day,  she does latch onto mum, so know there is no problems with her mouth (Cleft Palate) I think she's just become a little used to being bottle fed, much less effort for her.  She is lively and seems perfectly healthy other than being smaller than the rest at the moment, but fingers crossed in time she will catch up.

13th April 2021

Apologies for lack of updates, we're still hand rearing the little one, weight is going on slowly but surely, she's lively so fingers crossed.

14th April 2021

Day 12, Paul let me have a good nights sleep, just waking me twice to feed the little one, this morning she took her biggest feed so far and was quite hungry even though we've not missed a feed, which is a good sign.   She's weighing in around the 340g mark compared to over 700g that her siblings weigh.  I won't give up on her!

14th April,  2021

We have now started reserving the puppies for people who have been waiting a long time,  at the moment we are waiting on one family to let me know which orange girl they would like, which then means we will have a blue roan girl and an orange roan girl available.  I do have a few families waiting to hear from me.

On the video above you can see the little girl playing too, no matter how tiny she is, she's still enjoying the fun with her siblings!

28th April 2021

All going well, the little girl we are hand rearing we've called Little Gem for now, I'm sure all being well, her new owners will have a name for her when she's ready for her new home.

So weights on day 24 are as follows:

Blue roan girl               1350g
Blue roan boy               1390g
Orange girl                    700g
Orange girl                   1290g
Orange boy                   1330g
Orange girl                    1340g
Orange boy                   1390g

We've now started to wean the pups, they're having a little Nutriment raw mixed with warm goats milk, once they've fully got the hang of lapping, we'll start soaking Royal Canin Starter, so all pups are used to both raw/dry complete before leaving us.

Little Gem (we've given her this name for now) has started to gain nicely, she's now lapping from a bowl which helps as she had started fighting the bottle,  she is around 2 weeks behind her siblings, but she has been vet checked and all good, strong heart, no cleft palate, as my vet Matt explained just a perfect pup in a small body at the moment, hopefully she will pick up as the weeks go by.  She will probably stay with us for a few weeks more than her siblings until she's caught up.

4th May 2021 -  one very short video showing our little pocket cocker eating, to most this isn't usual but to me, who has been hand rearing since birth, this is wonderful to see, she still has a long way to go, but we're getting there slowly but surely, she now weighs over 800g

6th May 2021 - 5 weeks old tomorrow and all doing well

7th May 2021 - as you can see above, little Gem is coming on nicely now, yes still a lot smaller than her siblings, but she's joining them when eating, waddles around the pen and although it looks like they're picking on her, she certainly gives as good as she gets at times

8th May 2021

We are so pleased to say that when I weighed little Gem this evening she has gained a massive 50g all on her own,  she's been eating the same as her siblings at the same time as them, fingers crossed we've finally turned the corner and the only way is up now.

20th May 2021 - 7 weeks tomorrow

22nd May 2021

As you can see little Gem is very slowly filling out, hopefully she'll have caught up in weight in a month or so after her siblings leave,  she will have a final vet check just before leaving.

She's currently weighing 1.6kgs compared to her siblings who are between 2.7 - 3.3kgs, she's eating well and lapping from the bowl, so fingers crossed, she had a tough start in life so is obviously a fighter 

4 of the litter start leaving us next weekend, Indie is here for another week, Reggie is staying and Gem will be here a good while longer yet too, so they'll have company.

24th May 2021

At long last the pups are now all Kennel Club registered, it 'only' took 6 weeks and me phoning about 4 times, each time on hold for over an hour.  Now to wait for the documents to arrive, a lovely lady at the KC promised to send them first class, but I'm not holding my breath, at least I do have their confirmed names and registration numbers for my paperwork.

Can't believe my babies start leaving this weekend, it has really flown by, even with the struggle with little Gem for the first 4-5 weeks.

Wonders will never cease, Kennel Club documents arrived in the post today 

27th May 2021

Clean bill of health for Ivy, Eli, Indie, Leah and Edmund today from our vet Steve Tasker at Watkins & Tasker vets in Portishead,  Reggie and Gem will go to see him in a couple of weeks time when Reggie has his ONE DHP vaccine at 10+ weeks, little Gem, depending on how much she has grown will probably just go for another check up at the same time.

8 week worming tomorrow before Ivy, Edmund and Eli leave us on Saturday, then Leah on Sunday.