Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

21st September 2019

Today we welcomed Evie into our home, Evie is pra/fn hereditary clear.

Today 17/10/2019 Evies results came back from OFFA in the US where she has been DNA tested for AON and we're pleased to announce she is CLEAR.

13/2/2020  Evies DNA results are back and we're pleased to say she is CLEAR of AMS

Evie is a lovely blue roan, her mum is black & white and dad dark blue roan, she has a lovely pedigree.  She's quite a tiny little girl at the moment but she'll soon catch up!

Evies Kennel Club Registered name is:

Crowmere Maid of Silver for Shirrmontana

One picture of Evie taken today  2/10/2019

17th October 2019

Pleased to say today we had Evies AON results back from OFFA in the US and she is CLEAR so will never pass this dreadful disease onto her offspring, so that's all of our dogs tested Clear now.

Thank you Linda Garbett at Crowmere Cocker Spaniels for breeding lovely healthy pups.

23/05/2020  -- Pictures taken today of my beautiful blue roan girl Evie, who will be a year old in June.