Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

6th December 2021

Puppy availability:  

At the moment all pups have reservations on them until visits at the end of the month, will update if any changes.


Thank you.

Puppy details!

4th December, 2021  -  As I'm getting emails asking about price/deposit and dates for visiting/collection, I'll put the details here:

Price of puppy: £1500

Holding fee:   £200 to be paid at the time of first visit when pups reach 4 weeks of age

Pups ready to leave the weekend of 29/30th January 2022.

All pups will be Kennel Club registered, insured, microchipped, vet checked with a written report from our vet, blanket and soft toy, food to last a month that the pups have been weaned onto.

All Kennel Club documents will be endorsed for breeding/export - which means the pup cannot be registered with a non UK Kennel club, so NO BREEDERS please.

We are pleased to announce that Mila and Gus are expecting the patter of little pads around 2nd December 2021.

Please note we do NOT start a waiting list until the litter has arrived safely, if you are interested in a pup from this litter please feel free to contact me via email and get back in touch once the litter has arrived.  All emails are kept, so I know you have contacted me previously.  Thank you!

This is a very quick scan picture taken yesterday 25/10/2021 day 24 of pregnancy, the picture doesn't show all the pups, just a quick image to show she is pregnant.

A short scan taken today, 30th October 2021 - day 30

As you can see the puppies grow quickly.

Milas scan, 5 weeks today, 4th November 2021, 4 weeks to go!

9th November 2021  -  Just a little update, Mila is doing well and filling out nicely, she's still eating well, which is good as they normally start getting fussy with their food around this stage, so fingers crossed she continues eating.  Can't believe how quickly the time is flying by, also looks like it's going to be a decent sized litter.

14th November 2021Just over 6 weeks and doing well, still eating normally

15th November 2021 - Day 46 and I spoke too soon, Mila has started getting fussy with her food, so Ox heart out of the freezer ready to be diced up tomorrow, 'normally' this never fails to tempt them to eat, only time will tell.

 22nd November 2021Day 53,  slowing right down on what she likes to eat now, getting big and uncomfortable, with her previous litters she's delivered on day 60, so we could be just a week away now.  I can't scan her now as the pups are a good size and difficult to make out on a scan.  So below are two pictures taken yesterday.

Countdown to whelping day!

Monday 29/11/2021  - day 60  -  No change 

Tuesday 30/11/2021  -  day 61  -  No Change

Wednesday 1/12/2021  -  day 62  -  No Change as such but a pretty restless night, will update if anything changes during the day

Thursday 2/12/2021  -  day 63  -  Puppies have started to arrive please bear with me I will update when Mila has finished.
Thank you.

2nd December 2021

Well done Mila & Gus - what a fantastic litter.
10 pups in total, sadly one litter girl was stillborn, we have 7 girls and 2 boys!!  Black & white, orange & white.

If you are waiting to hear please give me a couple of days to make sure all is going well, then email me again.

I've been awake 31 hours now and both myself and Mila are shattered.

Will post pictures in the next day or so.

Thank you for your patience.

6th December 2021 -  Mila and her babies are all doing well, although Milas housework leaves a lot to be desired, but she's feeding them well and pups are all gaining weight, they are quiet, sleeping, eating, moving around the whelping box more now too.  Will post more pictures soon.