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Welcome to our Shirrmontana home,

 this is Mabel our
stunning orange & white little girl, Mabel is pra/fn hereditary clear and Kennel Club registered.

Mabel has been DNA tested for AON and AMS and is clear which means none of her offspring will be affected with these dreadful diseases.

8th September 2017

Beautiful Mabel, I can honestly say she is one of the prettiest cockers I have ever seen, we are so lucky to have her!

Yesterday Mabel had her one and only vaccination, only core vaccines are needed and if done from 12+ weeks of age only one injection is needed.  Due to the problems associated with the new L4 vaccine, like many others, have decided against giving the Lepto part of the vaccine.  Another week and Mabel will be able to face the big wide world, we are hoping for a meet up with a few of our pups at Uphill, Weston Super mare.  Will post pictures when this happens..........

16th September 2017

Today was the meet up at the beach, a lovely few hours, Mabel is too young to go on long walks just yet, and the weather of course we ended up soaking wet, but it was great meeting up with pups from past litters and siblings from the same litter Mabel came from, we're looking forward to another early next year.  I have posted below a photo gallery of our meet up, ages ranged from 3 months to 11.1/2 years

A few more pictures of Mabel and Ava taken over the last few weeks!

27th October 2017

My little fuzzy face had a little trim today, just the side of her face and tops of her ears, she looks so grown up now at 18 weeks

21st November 2017

My darling Mabel looking all grown up after her first proper trim, now 23 weeks, she reminds me so much of my darling Callie who we lost last year

Pictures taken today 12th January 2018 - please excuse my husbands feet

1st March 2018

A few pictures below of Mabel taken today, I can't believe what a stunning little girl she is growing up to be

7th April 2018

Like mother like daughter,  Georgie on the left, Mabel on the right

17th May 2019 - Just when you think Mabel can't get any prettier!  2 years old next month and maturing beautifully.

1st December 2020

Today Mabels DNA results are back from Pet Genetics and we're pleased to say she is clear for everything tested for.  This means in the future, all her offspring will be unaffected by all these dreadful diseases.