Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

14th February 2015

Please welcome MILA to our Shirrmontana family, more details about her pedigree to follow once she's settled in



 Mila is hereditary clear for pra and fn

29/1/2019  DNA Test results are in and Mila is CLEAR for AON 

13/2/2020  DNA test results are back and Mila is CLEAR for AMS


17th February 2015

Mila is settling in great, she's been introduced to the rest of the gang and showed no fear what so ever.  She seems to enjoy playing with Garreth, although sometimes he gets so excited leaping around it does scare her a little but I'm sure once she catches up in size she'll return the favour. this morning Mila found a small patch of sunlight shining through the living room window and soon nodded off in the warm sunlight

Mila June 2018



11th March 2015

Mila growing quickly, she's such a gentle girl



18th March 2015

Such a pretty girl and growing up so fast!



22nd December 2019

My beautiful girl Mila,