Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Puppies now all have homes, thank you all for your interest, I have been inundated with enquiries,

I'm sorry I can't help you all, but as explained, previous puppy owners took priority, which only left

2 blue girls, who have now found homes.

No more plans for litters until early Summer 2020.

Thank you!


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All being well Mila and Wilf are expecting a litter around 21st November 2019.  This is our second and last litter this year and have no more plans until Spring 2020.

Mila is our pretty black & white girl and Wilf is a gentle blue roan boy.

All pups from this litter will be hereditary clear for pra and fn, Mila has been tested clear for AON and dads sample has been sent to the US to be tested too, so we will know the results before the litter is due.  If he comes back clear, as expected, the litter will also be hereditary clear for AON (Adult onset Neuropathy)

I will be scanning Mila next week, so fingers crossed we see pups, she is giving early indications that she is expecting the patter of tiny paws!

This would be the pedigree of the litter, all being well

12th October, 2019

One very short scan done today, day 23/21 please note that we are only at the implanting stage, so very early days and pleased to announce we are expecting puppies around 21st November 2019.

As previously stated, I do NOT start a waiting list until the pups have arrived safely, I have had a lot of emails regarding this litter and ask that you get back in touch once they have been born.

Thank you for your patience!

15th October 2019

Puppies growing nicely and on the scan I can see the tiny pin dot of their hearts beating

17/10/2019   4 week scan, getting easier to make out the puppies now, as the weeks go by it will be harder to make out the numbers, but another couple of weeks the bones will calcify which will show white on the scans, we'll be able to make out skulls, spines and ribcages and little legs!

22/10/2019  -  I know it's only a few days since my last video of Milas scan, but thought it would be nice to show you the current view of her pups moving around, you also have to remember at the moment the sacs are just 3cm dia.

25th October 2019 -  Milas scan, 5 weeks 1 day, you can clearly make out little puppies wriggling around and it won't be long until I can see and feel them too.

3rd November 2019  -  6 weeks+ scan video, hope you are enjoying watching them as much as me!

5th November 2019

Nothing much to report at the moment, Mila is fine, still has another 16-18 days to go, so will just post as and when  I have something to report ie. scan videos etc.

When we get down to the last 7 days, I'll do a morning update each day

7th November 2019

We're 7 weeks today so just 2 weeks to go, from next weekend I'll start sleeping downstairs with Mila just to be close by, last time she whelped day 63 from first mating without any fuss or problems, so fingers crossed she'll do the same this time.  Picture below of Mila's lovely tummy, she's sleeping in the living room with a large pen around her just so the others don't upset her, she's quite happy in there and comes out to go out to the garden etc.

11th November 2019

10 days (approx) to go and Mila has suddenly had a growth spurt, not much longer now Mila,  she's eating a little a few times a day, so at least something is going in.

Scans are difficult to make out now so probably won't be posting any more scan videos, but will keep this page updated once we reach the 7 day countdown

14th November 2019

Not much longer Mila!

7 day countdown! This is working from her first mating so could go 2 days over to her second mating

14/11/2019  -  No change this morning  -  7 days after today to go

15/11/2019  -  No change this morning  -  6 days after today to go

16/11/2019  -  No change this morning  -  5 days after today to go

17/11/2019  -  No change this morning  -  4 days after today to go

17/11/2019  -  Looks like we're starting first stage labour, will update when I have news





Mila has finished whelping and has 10 beautiful babies, 1 boy 9 girls, 6 blue roan and 4 orange roan.

Please give me a few days to settle Mila with her family and to keep on top of them to check they are all feeding etc.  these first week they are very delicate so don't want to make promises just yet.

Thank you for understanding, will post pictures soon.

Please excuse the mucky pups these pictures were taken during whelping!

20th November 2019

Thank you all for your patience, we've had 3 nights with no sleep so both exhausted, one of the pups is falling behind a little so I'm topping her up every 2 hours day and night,  in between changing/cleaning the bedding twice a day, weighing the pups twice a day, making sure Mila is well fed and watered, I don't think people realise exactly how much time, effort and love go into having a litter, but if I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it.

So please bear with me for the time being, I promise as soon as we're back in the land of the living,  I'll post on here to ask people to contact me regarding my waiting list.  This will probably be on MONDAY 25th NOVEMBER  all being well.

Thank you.

21st November 2019

1.36am and I've just changed the bedding for the third time today,  Milas milk is coming in so the pups are weeing more and poor Mila is struggling to keep them all clean bless her.

Paul and I are taking it in turns for night shifts, he's asleep till 4am then we swap over, so in the peace and quiet I've done my online shopping (as we can't leave the house)  Mila has been out to the garden after eating her dinner and drinking a full bowl of goats milk, I've also been giving her a calcium supplement with Vitamin D as the pups will be taking it all from her

23rd November 2019

Just a quick update to say all pups are doing well, gaining weight nicely, Mila is doing an amazing job with them.

I also need to point out that although my waiting list isn't open yet, that 5 of the pups are already reserved to previous puppy owners, they obviously take priority in their placing on my list.  I will post on Monday exactly what we have available.

23rd November 2019
At the moment 6 puppies are reserved, 5 to families that already have pups from me in the past, and the little boy is staying here as that was the point in this litter.

At the moment we have 1 orange girl and 2 blue girls available, but little Dotty (nick name) between the orange collar and yellow collar may stay a little longer as she's just a little smaller than the rest, she is the 3rd blue that will be available at a later date, she's NOT a runt, she's not poorly, just smaller, so I'm topping her up, she may catch up soon as the weight is going on nicely now, so like I said I'll probably hold back of her being reserved until  I'm 100% happy with her.

I'm posting a short video of the pups today, please don't expect any replies to calls or emails, we've had 6 nights with hardly any sleep, our focus is on Mila and her babies,  as explained above,  all previous puppy owners get first refusal before I open my waiting list, so by emailing/calling/texting early won't get you to the top of the queue.   Please bear with us!

28th November 2019

Just one quick update pups are doing well, little Dotty is still small but gaining little each day, so fingers crossed, she's still not out of the woods yet, but I won't give up on her.  She's finally back up and over her birth weight.  As you can see the milk bar is now getting rather crowded, but just over a weeks time I will start to introduce some mashed up food and hopefully we can get weaning on the way to give Mila a break, she has done amazing so far feeding 9 puppies without my help.  All puppies (except Dotty) are double their birth weight or more.  Originally I was going to keep the boy, but realised he was too closely related to my girls, so have decided to keep an orange girl instead.

1st December 2019.

A quick update on Dotty, well she seems to take one step forward and 2 steps back, yesterday was one of the two steps back days, she was refusing to feed, so I boiled up some liver and was giving her 4 drops of the liquid every hour or so, I also have a product called Liquid Life Aid, which helps restore hydration, after a few hours it seemed to kick in, and she was rooting around in the vet bedding trying to feed, so I mixed the LLA into her formula and fed her with the miracle nipple and she took it eagerly :)

I fed her small amounts every 3 hours over night and this morning and so far so good, she now weighs 362g, so keep everything crossed for her.

The rest are all doing amazingly well, their eyes should open any day now (if not today) as I can see the slits of their eyes and they are getting more playful.....then the fun begins!

As you can see the milk bar is getting rather crowded as these pups are growing, I've now had my delivery of raw weaning food so will probably start them towards the end of the week, just a little to give Mila a break.   Mila is well, she's going for a bath and tidy up today as she's not had one since having the pups.

All the puppies are now temporarily reserved until new owners visit in a couple of weeks time, if anything should change and a pup becomes available I will update this page and my ad on Champdogs.

4th December 2019

Puppies just had a bit of a bed bath, Mila is being a fantastic mum with her feeding, but her housework leaves a lot to be desired, so cotton wool and warm water a quick wipe over and all are looking (and smelling) a lot better.

All the puppies now have their eyes open, so now the fun begins.

Little Dotty is doing well, gaining steadily, we're hoping once they get on solids she fill out nicely.

5th November 2019

Today pups had their first worming, which was great fun, we use Drontal Puppy Suspension (liquid) and I can only imagine it doesn't taste very nice, so some they swallowed and some they shared with the others, so we had a new colour of cockers, blue roan & pink and orange roan & pink.

We also had our first attempt at a little 'proper' food, some ate more than others, but they all had a little go, which is good as this will ease the burden on Mila who is doing an amazing job with them, as you can see this is where the saying 'mucky pups' comes from,    Little Dotty is doing good, still half the size of the others but her eyes are open and on the same day as the others, she's wobbling around the whelping box but I am still topping her up to help as she did fall back on her weight at the start, but once weaning starts she'll hopefully catch up.  

I Kennel Club registered the puppies yesterday, so now have to wait to hear back if all the names were accepted, when they are I'll post on this page to show you the names I've chosen for them.

I'll post below what their birth weights were and what they weighed yesterday day 17 and the colour of their collars:-

Orange girl            Red Collar               272g                    760g
Blue boy                No Collar                298g                     878g
Blue girl                 Brown Collar          306g                     870g
Blue girl                Orange Collar         292g                     890g
Little Dot                No Collar               214g                     474g
Orange girl            Purple Collar          268g                     860g
Blue girl                Yellow Collar           246g                     828g
Orange girl            Pink Collar              306g                    910g
Blue girl                Green Collar           290g                     864g
Orange girl           White Collar            284g                     866g

So as you can see they are all pretty equal in weights now, Mila is doing an amazing job with them all.

6th December 2019  -  Today I decided to open up the front of the whelping box to see if the pups would be interested in coming out to explore, I think we can safely say they were, a couple even had a wee/poo on the pads, so now the fun begins.

8th December 2019

Just had confirmation that all the names chosen for the pups Kennel Registrations have been accepted, I'm a big fan of Robbie Williams and am off to see him in London next Monday, my husband and son will be at home all day with them so the pups won't be on there own for any time, the names we have chosen are all Robbie Williams songs.  I will be keeping one of the orange girls but as yet haven't decided which one as they are all pretty equal so it's going to be a difficult choice, new puppy owners are visiting next weekend.

18th December 2019

Apologies for lack of updates, been a busy few days,  puppy visitors at the weekend,  our daughter Paige, sons girlfriend Natalie and myself went to London to see Robbie Williams at Wembley Arena on Monday, then it was my birthday yesterday and today it's our daughter Abi's birthday.

So today I've managed to get the pups weighed and wormed again, they are 30 days old and can safely say they are loving 'proper' food, which gives Mila a break......chosen pet names at the end

Orange girl       Red Collar          1560g           Jorjie

Blue boy            No Collar           1740g           Percy

Blue girl            Brown Collar     1750g           Luna

Blue girl            Orange Collar    1680g          Sadie

Orange girl      Purple Collar      1840g          Doris

Blue girl           Yellow Collar      1780g          Bessie

Orange girl      Pink Collar         1920g           Elsie

Blue girl           Green Collar      1820g           Doris

Orange girl      White Collar      1790g          Amber

and last but not least little Dotty who has finally started feeding on her own and doing well

When I weighed her on Sunday evening she was 624g   and  today  738g   without any help from me, so fingers crossed she's on her way up now.   

Please note that Dotty won't be offered up for rehoming until we know for sure she's going to be ok, she'll get a final check up at 8 weeks when hopefully we can decide.

21st December 2019

Puppies are coming up 5 weeks now, becoming very active (and vocal) a video below of them this morning after their breakfast and clean bedding.

A few pictures of diddy Dotty, as you can see she's filling out slowly but surely


30th December 2019.   This will probably be my last post of the year, we have family coming to see the New Year in with us tomorrow, so here's a video of the pups causing chaos, this is normal behaviour after a change of bed, clean pads, breakfast etc.   I can't believe it's only 2 weeks until they start leaving us, it's been an amazing journey and Mila has been a fantastic mummy.  Towards the end of this video you'll see little Dotty trying to chew off her sisters collar, still dinky, but very feisty 

Happy New Year!

10th January 2020

Well it's nearly time to say goodbye to our babies, today 8 of the pups have their final vet check, little Dotty will go at a later date once she's caught up and my own pup Doris will have her check up when she has her injection in a couple of weeks time.

All the pups got a clean bill of health, Katy our vet gave them a good check over at Watkins & Tasker in Portishead and was very impressed with them all.  Of course the staff there too were very taken with them so lots of cuddles given all round and pictures taken to be posted on their Facebook page soon.

5 of the pups are leaving on Sunday,  1 on Monday, then the next on the 19th and last but not least the final pup leaves us on the 24th,  they have been a fantastic litter and I can't thank Linda Garbett and Pat Whitehead enough for allowing me to use Wilf - Ryallcourt Repeat Offender - at stud, between Mila and Wilf they made a lovely BIG litter of puppies.

6th February 2020

For those of you who have been following Dottys progress, here is a picture of her taken a few days ago, as you can see she's doing amazingly well and weighs just over the 4kg mark.

Today - 6th February 2020 - I microchipped her and tomorrow we have a vets appointment for her vaccination and thorough check up.  I have had a lot of interest in her so am not offering her for sale I will be contacting previous puppy owners that have already enquired about her.

29th February 2020

Just a quick update on Dotty, well it was found Dotty did have a problem that needed an operation, this was done last week and Dotty is recovering well.  It's going to be a few months before she will be looking for a new home, but in the meantime she's here with her sister Doris, they're not allowed to play too rough at the moment until Dotty has completely healed, but once she has, she should go on to leave a full, happy and healthy life.