Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

7th November 2016

Mila has now resorted to standing to feed her growing babies!




9th November 2016

Today we took the whelping box down and pups are now sleeping in a proper comfy bed, they weren't too sure to start, but soon realised how snug it was



9th November 2016

Short video of the pups just after we removed the whelping box, rather vocal as it was something different to them, but they soon settled



19th November 2016

A short video of the pups playing with our new girl Esme, can't believe they are 6 weeks already, where is the time going, sorry the video goes a bit blurry in places, my poor camera was struggling to keep up with them 



20th November 2016    6 week weigh in

Quickly adding yesterdays weigh ins while my website is letting me edit it....


Willow            Red collar                 2390g                   5lb 4oz

Vera                Orange                    2720g                   6lb

Holly                Purple                     2020g                   4lb 7.5oz

Cooper            Green                     2730g                    6lb 0.5oz

Louis               Blue                        2790g                    6lb 2oz

Monty              Yellow                     2940g                    6lb 7.5oz

Oscar             light blue                  2450g                    5lb 6.5oz

26th November 2016

7 week weigh in, can't believe how fast these pups are filling out, I will be microchipping them over the next few days, then vet visit on Thursday for their final check up, will weigh them again on Friday for their last weigh in!


Willow Red Collar 2870g 6lb 5.5oz

Vera Orange collar 3230g 7lb 2oz

Holly Purple collar 2470g 5lb 7oz

Cooper Green Collar 3420g 7lb 8.5oz

Louis Blue Collar 3370g 7lb 6.5oz

Monty Yellow Collar 3500g 7lb 11.5oz

Oscar Light Blue Collar 3070g 6lb 12oz 

Assorted pictures over various dates!

Seems like the website builder has started working again, so am posting a few pictures taken over the past few weeks







28th November 2016

Video taken this morning, at night, Mila sleeps outside the pen to give her a break from the pups, and this is the normal meet and greet every morning!  Please excuse the food on the floor this gets scattered every day when Mila runs into the room with her babies.  Also ignore my bedding on the sofa, had been up since 5.30am as we have two girls in season who decided to howl for the boys!



Individual pictures, in order of the lists above

   Willow (red)       Vera     Holly (purple)      Cooper (green)


   Louis (blue)       Monty (yellow)     Oscar (light blue)