Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Litter due approx 11th October 2016






If you are one of the lucky families to have reserved a pup and use facebook, please look us up SHIRRMONTANA COCKER SPANIELS and request to join our group, please note the group is only open to previous/future puppy owners or people that have used my boys at stud. 









Please note I do not take deposits  until I have met you in person nor start a waiting list until the pups have been born, but if you are interested in a pup from this litter please read our Puppy Contract page first, then email me giving full details about yourself, home, family and work commitments, thank you!   



 Colours possible:  blue roan, orange roan, blue roan & tan


Please note that puppies Kennel Club registration documents will be endorsed for breeding/export so NO BREEDERS please. 




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2nd September 2016

A few scan pictures taken today, Mila is under 4 weeks at the moment and the scan pictures will become clearer over the coming days/weeks 

The black circles are puppies in their little sacks  



3rd September 2016

Scan taken today, just under 4 weeks, lovely clear pictures!  The black blobs are the sacks and you can just see the pups starting to form inside



10th September 2016

Just a quick update,  Mila is doing really well, thankfully still eating her normal meals although we're now feeding her smaller meals more often.  This is Mila's second season and will be a few weeks short of her 2nd birthday when the litter arrives, which is the perfect age for a first litter.  I've spoken in depth to her breeder and she's assured me she's come from a line of easy whelpers and gave me her full backing for this mating, I'm really excited to see what we get as I'm hoping for a lovely little orange roan girl to keep this time.

Tomorrow I will video another scan, and will do one once a week until the pups are too big to see properly  

12th September 2016

Milas 5  weeks scan, she's doing really well, still eating without being fussy which is good, the video is about 5 mins but if you scroll through to about 4m 30s you can see a pup having a right old wriggle 



16th September 2016

Just a quick update, not really much different to report, Mila is doing well, tummy growing nicely, can't believe we're fast approaching 6 weeks already.  This one scan picture taken yesterday, I think I can see at least 6 puppies on this one, but there could be more, only time will tell.



20th September 2016

6 weeks today and Mila has started to be a bit picky with her food, which is normal, so today I've spent some time chopping up Ox hearts and offering her a mixture of heart/tripe/chicken, she did eat a tiny amount of Butchers tripe too, at least something is going in, she's happy and tail wagging, had a quick check on the pups with the scanner today and lovely to see how quickly they are developing now, we can see the spines and skulls, this is one picture from today



26th September 2016

Just over two weeks to go now, Mila isn't very big so not a huge litter which is always a blessing for first litters, her eating has slowed down and we're struggling to find something she'll actually eat, this is perfectly normal, so we'll keep trying you can guarantee what she'll eat one day, she won't the next    She's fine in herself, sleeping a little more but still very happy with a waggy tail.

2nd October 2016

Just over a week to go now so will soon be on the 7 day countdown, seems to have flown by.  Mila is still very fussy with her eating, but is eating tiny bits every so often so at least something is going in.  I've stocked up my freezer as once they've whelped are extra hungry.  Whelping box will be disinfected today as it's nice and sunny here, not sure if she'll sleep in it yet, as normally they're not too keen until labour actually starts.  She does have a lovely soft bed, but chooses to sleep on the cool kitchen floor!



4th October 2016

Well we're now on the 7 day countdown,  you have to remember sometimes girls can go early/late - just like humans, but I'll start a countdown page tomorrow and update each day with any news but not expecting any changes just yet.  Not a very clear picture as this was taken on the CCTV camera which I have on Mila and was taken around 6am this morning so lighting not very good.  You can see she's filling out nicely now




5/10/2016 6 days to go No change today, her eating has picked up, again this is normal a few days before whelping, like they are building themselves up for birth

7/10/2016                                4 days to go                                            No change

8/10/2016                                3 days to go                                            A few small changes but nothing to say she's going into labour today, she's been digging up her bed over night and gentle panting 

8th October 2016

What a surprise, puppies have started to arrive, 3 so far 2 girls 1 boy, will post more details later, please don't contact me for a couple of days, I could be in for a long night!


What a clever girl, Mila has finished with 7 beautiful babies, 6 blue roan, 1 orange roan,  4 boys 3 girls - the orange girl will be staying here, all good sizes, poor Mila is shattered she delivered all 7 in 3.1/2 hours!! 



If you are interested in one of this litter can you please leave it a few days as I need to concentrate on Mila and her babies


Thank you! 




9th October 2016

As requested above, if you are interested in a pup from this litter can you please leave it a few days before contacting me, this morning I have been inundated with emails, this doesn't get you to the top of my list!  I haven't slept for over a week due to the upset of losing my Callie and Blue, now I need to spend my time focussed on Mila and her babies.  The first week is very important so need to spend all my time caring for them, so will not be answering any calls or emails, I hope you understand.  Thank you

Puppy weights and time of birth

4.40pm Blue roan girl 308g 10.8oz RESERVED (1)

5.50pm Orange roan girl 350g 12.3oz Staying here all being well.

6.15pm Blue roan boy 348g 12.2oz RESERVED CHARLOTTE (1)

7.20pm Blue roan boy 328g 11.6oz RESERVED EMMA (3)

7.34pm Blue roan girl 312g 11.0oz RESERVED CAROLINE (2)

8pm Blue roan boy 354g 12.5oz RESERVED POLLY (2)

8.27pm Blue roan boy 286g 10.0oz  RESERVED GEORGINA & RORY (4)


So all really good weights and I am completely shocked Mila had 7 as she didn't look that big to me, but after speaking to her breeder she told me that her mum did exactly the same and she wasn't surprised Mila had a good sized litter 

10th October 2016

Day 2, Mila and pups doing well, I will probably open my waiting list on Wednesday providing everything is going as it should be.  Mila has been really good at feeding, not so keen on cleaning her babies so they are a little messy at the moment, I'm using wet wipes and talc to keep them dry the heating is on constantly too to keep them warm.

Please note the orange girl is staying here and one of the blue girls is going to a close friend, not sure which blue girl until they have visited when the pups are 4 weeks, so that will leave 1 blue girl and 4 blue boys looking for their furever homes.

If you could email me first, I'll then get back in touch to discuss things further.

These pictures were taken yesterday



12th October 2016

This morning I gave Mila a lovely bath, she looks and smells so much better now, pups also had a wipe over with a Herbal coconut sensitive dry foam shampoo, weight is going on great, will post later but as you can see by the picture below they are filling out quickly



12th October 2016

Ok, puppies are now wearing soft velcro collars to show which pup is which, along with todays weights not that clear a picture as Mila had just got in the whelping box




 Born colour/sex birth weight: todays weight: Collar colour:


4.40pm blue roan girl 308g  10.8oz 432g    15.2oz Red.............Willow...................Reserved................Sue & Ron

5.50pm orange roan girl 350g   12.3oz 456g    1lb  Orange...............Vera .......................Staying...................

7.34pm blue roan girl 312g    11oz 342g    12.1oz Purple.................Holly.......Reserved Caroline & Simon

7.20pm blue roan boy 328g    11.6oz 390g     13.8oz Green......... Cooper..........Reserved Emma

8pm blue roan boy 354g     12.5oz 470g     1lb 0.6oz Blue.................Reserved..................Polly

6.15pm blue roan boy 348g     12.2oz 478g     1lb 0.8oz Yellow.............Reserved.................Monty ...............Charlotte

8.27pm blue roan boy 286g     10oz 404g     14.2oz Light blue............Oscar........Georgina and Rory


15th October 2016

1 week old today and all going well, Mila is being a great mum with the feeding, not so keen on the cleaning still but that's a minor thing.  Pups weights are going on great, they are getting more lively and move around the whelping box a lot more and scream blue murder when they can't find each other!    Over the next week or so pups eyes will open, that's when the real fun begins!



A couple of pictures taken this morning 



 Week 1 weigh in


Blue roan girl (red) 534g 1lb 2.8oz

Orange girl (orange) 580g 1lb 4.4oz

Blue girl (purple) 406g 14.3oz

Blue boy (green) 536g 1lb 2.9oz

Blue boy (blue) 568g 1lb 4.0oz

Blue boy (yellow) 626g 1lb 6.1oz

Blue boy (light blue) 514g 1lb 2.1oz 

18th October 2016

Apologies for lack of updates, all is good here, Mila has now decided to start cleaning her pups, had 48 hours where Mila had an upset tummy, but looks like today we're back on track, pups didn't lose any weight during this time, but weight gain slowed down slightly but Mila continued to feed her babies,  Day 11 today so soon their eyes will be open, their teeth are just breaking through much to Mila's disgust as she's looking a little sore, but I put some Aloe Vera gel on and she seems a little better,  once the pups reach 3 weeks I'll offer a tiny amount of weaning food, just to see if they're ready yet, this will hopefully give Mila a bit of a break. 

More pictures soon  

20th October 2016

Mila still has a dodgy tum, but pups don't seem to be suffering because of it and Mila is still eating, which normally we wouldn't let them do but as she's feeding pups we can't stop the food going in. So here we are on day 12 and weights are as follows with total gain since birth at the end:


Miss Red Collar 684g 1lb 8.1oz......376g

Miss Orange 704g 1lb 8.9oz..........354g

Miss Purple 530g 1lb 2.7oz............218g

Mr Green 650g 1lb 6.9oz............322g

Mr Blue 812g 1lb 12.6oz...........458g

Mr Yellow 866g 1lb 14.5oz...........518g

Mr Light Blue 680g 1lb 8oz............394g


As you can see Mr Blue and Mr Yellow are right little bruisers :) and little Miss Purple is our dainty little girl (at the moment) once they get onto solids weights should all even out :)

21st  October 2016

7 lovely fat puppies all doing well, looking cleaner now Mila has realised she's supposed to clean them as well as feed them, but in all honesty I can't fault her at all.  Will weigh them tomorrow for their 2 week weigh in, I can't believe how fast time is flying by, I've now registered the litter with the Kennel Club and waiting on confirmation of acceptance of names, once I've heard back I'll post the names on here.





22nd October 2016  2 weeks today!

Miss Red 782g 1lb 11.6oz

Miss Orange 842g 1lb 13.7oz 

Miss Purple 650g 1lb 6.9oz

Mr Green 788g 1lb 11.8oz

Mr Blue 954g 2lb 1.5oz

Mr Yellow 986g 2lb 2.5oz

Mr Light Blue 822g 1lb 13oz 

24th  October 2016

Had confirmation last night that all chosen registration names had been accepted by the Kennel Club and are as follows:



Just couldn't resist

Just look how cute these two look snuggled up together, this is Mr Blue and his mummy 



L I V E    W E B C A M ! ! ! 

This isn't on 24/7 just once or twice a day, so please click the link below if it's off line then please check back again!


Webcam now live 27/10/2016 .......................2pm - 3pm 



30th October 2016

Apologies for lack of updates but yesterday we celebrated my dads 80th birthday we had a big family party, still not quite awake at the moment but getting there, no alcohol involved just late nights catching up with me.    Had puppy sitters in for Mila and her babies and adult dogs went into kennels for the night - luckily a friend runs the local kennels and the dogs are all happy to stay with her.


I will be contacting you all via email to sort out visits for next weekend either later this evening or first thing tomorrow, so please keep a look out for an email from me, but all visits will be either Saturday/Sunday of next weekend, the 5th/6th November, if you have found a pup elsewhere please let me know asap as I do still have a reserve on the reserve list running of people waiting.  Thank you and I'll be in touch soon.

Puppy Visits

I have now started emailing to arrange visits, can you please check your email and get back to me asap please so I can arrange for Sunday visits too.  

1st November 2016

One short video of the pups having their last meal for today, they are now back in their bed, puppy pads changed and Mila has been in to clean the food off them all



2nd November 2016

Puppy weights as of this morning, all doing really well, eating 3 good meals per day too, which is easing the burden on Mila :


Miss Red Collar                            1300g                      2lb 14oz

Miss Orange                                  1440g                     3lb 2.5oz

Miss Purple                                   1130g                      2lb 8oz

Mr Green                                       1330g                     2lb 15oz

Mr Blue                                         1560g                      3lb 7oz

Mr Yellow                                     1700g                      3lb 12oz

Mr Light Blue                               1200g                      2lb 10oz

4th November 2016

Busy weekend this weekend with new puppy owners coming to meet us all, so will update the 4 week weigh in on Monday

4 Week Weigh in....

Will quickly add the weights while the server has let me in to my own website..... to these are Sunday 6th November weights as they were wormed for the second time without any problems.


Willow                              Red Collar      1520g     3lb 5.5oz

Vera                                 Orange          1730g     3lb 13oz

Holly                                 Purple           1290g     2lb 13.5oz

Cooper                             Green            1660g     3lb 10.5oz

Louis                                Blue              1830g     4lb 0.5oz

Monty                               Yellow           1930g     4lb 4oz

Oscar                               light blue        1480g     3lb 4oz

12th December 2016

As we're down to just little Oscar here, he's off to his new home on Wednesday, I'll move this page as a sub page against Mila.  Thank you for watching, hopefully we'll have some more news this time next week :)  So please check back soon