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13th February 2020

Today we had the DNA results back for 8 of our dogs, which were tested for AMS  - Acral Mutilation Syndrome -  which is a sensory neuropathy which causes an insensitivity to pain in the dogs feet.  This insensitivity can lead to severe self mutilation of their limbs.  This test can be used by breeders to ensure that puppies bred do not suffer from this condition.

We are pleased to announce that all 8 of our dogs tested CLEAR, so will never get it nor their offspring suffer with it.

9th March 2020

Today one of our girls went to stud, hopefully in 9 weeks we'll be hearing the pitter patter of tiny pads.  

If you are waiting on news on any up and coming litters, please check back in around 4 weeks for updates

9th March 2020

Doris's AON DNA test results are back from the US and we are pleased to say she is clear of this dreadful disease, which means all of our dogs are PRA, AON, AMS and FN clear so will never pass on any of these diseases to their offspring.

26th May 2020

Sad News today - this morning our vet confirmed that our lovable rogue Dylan has anal gland cancer, so tomorrow he faces a GA to have a biopsy taken to see which type of cancer it is, we're praying it's a slow growing cancer and it can be treated, if not, then it will be palliative care until when we know it's time to say goodbye.  He is such a lovely boy and my heart is breaking just thinking about what is happening.


Sadly Dylans cancer was terminal and he was struggling so we had to help him to the bridge, sleep tight darling boy, full of fun and antics right till the end,  sleep tight go find Callie at the bridge.  

20th July 2020

All of Maggies DNA test results are back and we're pleased to say she is CLEAR of cpra/pra, FN, AMS, AON

7th August 2020

We have no plans now for litters until end of Spring 2021.  As before we don't start a waiting list until pups have arrived safely and are doing well, once we have news of pups on the way you are more than welcome to contact to show your interest but this doesn't automatically get you at the top of the queue.  Previous puppy owners always get priority.

9th November 2020

The Kennel Club are now insisting that all 3rd generation hereditary clear dogs/bitches be retested to ensure no errors have been made along the way, so we've had Maggie fully tested, she has come back clear for everything and have now sent off Gus and Mabels DNA to Pet Genetics Lab to be tested, even though both are hereditary clear, this will enable us to give out copies of their health certificates when they have litters as the Kennel Club no longer list parents health tests on registration papers.  I will update both Gus and Mabels pages once their results are in in about 15 working days time.

12th November 2020

What a year this has been, sadly at the start of the year dad had to have a heart stent, all went well, but during his stay in hospital he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He had 6 months of hormone injections which brought his PSA levels down, but the last injection he had a bad reaction to, so his consultant decided not to give any more.  Dad had the option of waiting to see if the cancer 'woke up' or he could go for Radio Therapy.  Dad is 83 but decided he would like to go ahead with the RT, so 4 weeks of intensive treatment which finished end of October, we now have to wait until December 22nd to find out if the cancer has gone.

Since February we have sadly lost 3 of our 4 legged family, first Skye, then Dylan and then my darling Bea.

As we all know, we've then had 2 lockdowns, which has been hard on us all, our son and girlfriend were in isolation after finding out their friend tested positive for COVID, thankfully they were both tested and came back CLEAR, but that was a worrying 2 weeks.

Soon Christmas will be upon us and it's going to be a strange one, it was our year to have the whole family here for Christmas Day lunch, but that has been put on hold for now.

Lets all stay safe and pray things will get better for us all in 2021.


January 2021.......I now have the DNA kits ready to test Ava, Doris and Vera for pra/fn.....they are hereditary clear but as explained the Kennel Club now want every 3rd generation hereditary clear retested, in case of human error down the line.

Mabel and Gus test results all came back normal/clear and are showing on their own pages.

29th January 2021

Pet Genetics Lab results are in, Vera, Ava and Doris and all CLEAR for pra/fn.

9th June 2021


Sadly due to me taking a nasty fall down our stairs which resulted in broken toes, injured back, severe bruising both ankles, elbows back of left thigh I'm not able to accept any girls for stud at the moment nor do I have plans for any litters at the moment, it's going to take a while for me to heal so for the time being I have to focus on me getting better while my husband cares for the dogs  -  Pictures below to show how much damage I managed to do to myself!  I thank my lucky stars that I didn't actually break my back or worse The 4th picture is the back of my left thigh, the bruise travelled around under my knee to my inner thigh.  Toe next to my baby toe is broken in 2 places, elbows bruised and very painful, in true Bristolian style I did a 'proper job' 

11th July 2021

Sadly our son tested positive for COVID so we are now all in isolation until Friday 16th July, myself, Paul and our sons girlfriend are all doing the lateral flow tests daily, and so far we're still all clear.  Both myself and Paul have been double jabbed so fingers crossed we stay that way, Kieran has had conjunctivitis which apparently is one of the symptoms of the Delta version, sinus problems, sore throat and aching from head to toe, no energy what so ever and he's lost his sense of taste.

In better news little Gem, who I hand reared from Elsie's litter, had the all clear from our vet and is now living in her forever home in the Lake District with a lovely lady who had a pup from our very first litter back in 2001, yes I sobbed when Gem left, but know she is being well loved and cared for, she also has two big sisters (cockers) to play with.

20th August 2021

You know the saying it never rains but pours, due to the trauma of my left ankle/foot I am now struggling with Plantar Fasciitis which is absolute agony and I'm struggling to walk.

20th September 2021

Ok, we now have one of our girls in season and she will be mated in due course, I will update when the mating has taken place with details of the parents to be.  If you are interested in a pup, please email me first with details on what colour/sex pup you are looking for at [email protected]  

Please Note:  I do not start a waiting list until I'm sure mum to be is pregnant, but if you are interested in a pup from this litter please email me with your interest, once pregnancy has been confirmed I ask you get back in touch to be added to my waiting list, also previous owners will get priority. 

24th September 2021

Today we've sent off Evie's DNA to Pet Genetics to be tested for pra/fn, Evie is hereditary clear, but like all my dogs, I like to have the certificates as proof.  Test results take 15 working days, I will update when they have been completed and we have the results.

1st October 2021

Ok, the hopeful mum to be has now had 2 matings, now we have the 4 week wait to see if she is pregnant, so please check back for any updates soon.

22nd October 2021

Nothing 100% yet but things are starting to look positive, will scan mum to be next weekend and will post and pictures/updates when I have news.

Please check back again next weekendPlease note I do NOT start a waiting list until the pups have arrived safely,  If you contact me before please be assured I do keep all the emails so know you have contacted me previously.

23rd October 2021

Evies DNA results are back and we're pleased to confirm she is CLEAR for pra/fn.

25th October 2021

After my fall at the start of June I am still struggling with one of my feet.  Saw my GP and he's now arranged for an MRI scan as my foot/ankle are still very swollen he thinks that a break was missed on the xray, if this is the case then unfortunately I'm going to need surgery, he thinks the bone has healed in the wrong place and I have a calcified spur which will need trimming, so I will be off my feet for a good while

Sadly this means I will not be able to accept any girls for mating with Gus for the foreseeable future.  Unsure if I need surgery when this is likely to happen, but will keep you all posted.

11th November 2021 - This evening I had my MRI scan at Southmead Hospital, first time of having this sort of scan, found it quite interesting.  Fingers crossed something will show up on the scan pictures and something can be done about the pain I have in my left ankle.  Results will take approx 2-3 weeks.

14th November 2021 - Sadly some local idiot decided to let fireworks off during the day on 6th November 2021 scaring our cat Dexter who hasn't been seen since.  I have posted leaflets through doors, attached posters to lamp posts, contacted vets, and Petlog as he is chipped but getting really worried as there have been no sightings of him, just praying he's safe, dry, warm and being fed.

19th November 2021Sadly last Friday we had to help our beautiful, gentle girl Flora across the Rainbow Bridge.  Flora suffered a stroke, she had always been a fit and healthy girl and had just reached 14 years and 4 months of age.  Run free beautiful girl go find your friends at Rainbow Bridge.

31st December 2021What a horrible end to 2021, over the past 2 years we have lost 8 of our 4 legged family, in 2020 Bramble Skye, Dylan and Bea,  in 2021 Bella, Evie, Flora and today my darling Ava, I hope you are all together playing pain free over Rainbow Bridge, sleep tight my darlings xx  Dexter our cat still hasn't been found he was last seen on 6th November, I'm praying things can only get better in 2022.

January 2022

It is with heavy heart that at the end of 2023 I have decided to give up breeding, 25 years of bringing smiles to happy families faces, the ups and downs of breeding, decided it will be time to hang up my breeding boots and focus on family.  I have loved having litters, but the heartache of losing so many of my 4 legged family over the last 2 years has made me reconsider my life.  So all being well 2 litters this year, 2 next year, then that will be it.  

13th February 2022

All quiet here at the Shirrmontana home, all being well one of our girls is due in season around April time, so will be mated in due course.

Mila's pups are all settled in their new homes, been vet checked and all good.  Will post pictures on Mila's litter page as and when I receive them.

Please note, as always, I don't start a waiting list until the litter has arrived safely, so if you are looking for a pup please keep an eye on my website for news and updates.

19th February 2022

Yesterday I ordered the full package of DNA tests for Reggie, first from Pet Genetics Lab at the Isle of Man, they test for PRCD-PRA, AMS, FN, DM, EIC, GSDVII.

I have also ordered the DNA test from OFA in the US for the AON test.

All being well results should be back within 4 weeks from receipt of the testing kits.

When looking for a puppy please ensure BOTH parents have been fully DNA tested for the above, it costs around £200 for the tests and as it's DNA only needs doing the once.  As from 2023 the Kennel Club will only register 2 generations hereditary clear, genuine breeders will always test their breeding dogs to ensure they will never be affected by these dreadful diseases.

When visiting litters ask to see proof of tests, if done, they will have certificates from the companies that tested them and you can always check on the KC website for health tests performed on parents.  This is the link:

14th March 2022

We're pleased to say Reggies DNA results are back and he has tested clear for all tested, he has also been DNA profiled, this is used when unscrupulous breeders use other dogs pedigrees to register their litters, this way any pups can be tested and it can be proven that the dad isn't our boys, both Gus and Reggie are tested and so are all our girls.

8th April 2022

All quiet here, no signs of seasons, which I'm not really expecting until the end of the month, which is just as well as myself, husband Paul and son Kieran all have COVID, I'm feeling pretty rough at the moment so wouldn't be any good to my girls if they were due to have pups.  Fingers crossed this will be gone before the girls start coming into season

7th May 2022  Puppy plans!

Ok, slight change of plans, Vera is in season and today she was mated to our darling boy Reggie, this is his first mating so we now wait for 4 weeks to see if Vera is pregnant.  This litter will ALL be orange roan.

Please keep an eye on this site for any updates around beginning of June.

Please note I do not start a waiting list until the litter is safely on the ground, but if you would like to express an interest I will keep all of the emails and ask that you get back in touch once the litter has arrived.

If you need to discuss anything with me, please wait for confirmation of pregnancy then I'll happily give you a call for an informal chat.  But until then, please keep an eye on this page or I'm happy to answer any questions via email.

14th May 2022

Sadly today we had back a lovely black & white 5 year old boy from our Bea and Gus litter, due to a change in family circumstances.  He is such a lovely boy, a registered PAT dog, completed his KC training up to the Gold awards, he is neutered, up to date with vaccinations, microchipped.  So we will be looking for his new forever home soon.

16th May 2022

Thank you for all the enquiries for our lovely boy, I'm pleased to say he has now found his forever home.

26th May 2022

Still too early to say if we have a litter on the way, another 2 weeks and we should know one way or the other.

Apologies for lack of updates, I've not been too well, I had a major hypo which resulted in a seizure due to my blood glucose levels dropping too low and my body going into shutdown.  Spent a night in hospital, but home now, even if aching from head to toe, but I will be watching those levels closely from now on.  I've not had this type of hypo since I was a child, it was scary to wake up to our two daughters, son, husband and 2 paramedics standing over me.

3rd June 2022

Just a quick update, I have scanned Vera today and pleased to announce she is pregnant, not sure on numbers as it is still very early days, going by the matings she could be only be just over 3 weeks, only time will tell.  Once I have a clear indication of numbers and a better scan picture I will start a new page just for Vera and her pregnancy.  

As previously stated I don't start a waiting list until the litter has arrived safely, but if you have contacted me to show your interest you will get priority once my list is open.

6th June 2022

This morning I have noticed that Vera is bleeding, she is on antibiotics, so fingers crossed, but I am worried about what she is passing.  Will keep you all posted.