Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

Please read before thinking about a Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniel

After years of feeding RAW to our own dogs, we have decided that any litters born from 2011 onwards will be raised on a RAW diet and will leave on this.  We will use  Natural Instinct, full details can be found here


 Please note that as from April 2007, ALL litters will be undocked to comply with the current legislation.  According to the law, no Cocker puppy should be docked unless there is reasonable expectation that the pup will be likely to be worked to the gun. 



We are a small hobby kennel located in Bristol in the SW of England,  breeding from our sound temperament and health tested girls.  ALL of our breeding girls have been Optigen/Antagene tested or come from Optigen/Antagene normal/clear parents and we only use stud dogs that have been Optigen/Antagene tested Normal/Clear, thus ensuring all pups from our litters will be free from PRA and FN.

All of our pups are sold as pets, no guarantee can be given as to it's show potential or its fitness to become part of a breeding program! 

Our pups leave us here at 8 weeks of age, they will leave with an extensive puppy care pack, a 5 generation pedigree certificate, KC registration documents, a voucher for a free bag of food that they have been weaned onto, another voucher for money off your second purchase of the food,  plus an information pack on the food ,  and will be micro-chipped.   You will be kept up to date with photos by e-mail as and when we have time, but I will always reply to your e-mails.  If your pup is staying with us a bit longer due to holidays etc. we can get the vaccinations done, but this will be at an additional cost to yourself. 

All my pups KC documents will have endorsements on:



The export endorsement does not prevent you taking your dog abroad, it just prevents the dog being registered with a non-UK Kennel Club


The first, "Progeny Not Eligible For Registration" does not prevent a dog being bred from, but it does prevent this dog's progeny from being registered at the Kennel Club.

Similarly, "Export Pedigree Not Allowed" does not prevent a dog from being exported overseas (except to Malta), but does prevent the dog from being registered with an overseas Kennel Club.

Should you wish to breed from your adult cocker, you will need to  point this out to me before agreeing to purchase your pup, you will be asked to sign a contract stating you knew about the endorsements and were happy to take the pup knowing they were in place.

Please note  our own dogs are pets and accordingly any puppy that we sell is sold as a pet and not for breeding purposes.  ALL KC registration documents are endorsed not for breeding!

We also DO NOT sell puppies to full time working fami


All of our litters are lovingly and carefully raised in our home, they will be well handled and socialised, they will have been introduced to most household noises, ie. vaccum cleaner, washing machine, TV, radio, noisy children etc  It is very important that pups are introduced to these situations, as this will help them to become well adjusted adults.

 Your pups KC document will still be registered in my name, I will sign the back of the document which you must then fill out your details and return it to the KC for change of ownership.

During the first 8 weeks of your puppies life I will have fed cleaned and lovingly cared for your puppy, it will be paper trained for toilet duties, but it is YOUR job to start their training, I suggest once you have registered your pup with your vet and they have had their puppy jabs, that you enrol in puppy training classes.  Please remember some pups are easier to housetrain than others, please don't get angry or upset that you haven't done things correctly, it will happen and before you know it you'll have a happy, clean pup!

When you come to view the pups, providing we are all happy, if you want to reserve a pup we do ask for a non-refundable holding fee, this is a holding deposit, not a contract of sale deposit,  this can be paid either by cash or bank transfer, we do not accept any sort of card payment, this is our hobby we are not a business! ALL holding fees are non-refundable after 7 days from time of paying, No further monies need to be paid until you collect your pup, then I ask for the balance in cash/bank transfer please.

On the day you collect your pup, we ask that you arrive as early as possible, we do not normally let pups leave after mid-day, you need to  get home and get your new family member used to his/her surroundings before bed time.

Your pup will have been checked 3 times by our own vet before leaving, it is your responsibility to get them to your own vet within the first 7 days of your taking them home to be checked over, any problems should be reported back to me within the first 7 days - although there shouldn't be any problems - and documented evidence of any problems listed by your vet. 

.   The purchaser(s) understands that whilst every care is take to breed sound healthy puppies free from hereditary defects, mating two dogs that are themselves clinically free of hereditary disease does not guarantee that the offspring will themselves be problem free. 

We would like to wish you many happy years ahead with your new pup, we offer a lifetime of care and committment to our pups/dogs and if any time you feel you can no longer offer your dog a home, we ask that we are notified first with the option of taking the pup/dog back before you start searching for a new home.


We are here 24/7 for any worries or just a general chit chat, please ring us at any time!  All we ask of you is to take good care of our babies and to drop us an e-mail/letter once every so often with photos to let us know how things are going! It is a condition on receiving one of our puppies that, should the puppy need re-homing, you must contact us and we will do all that we can to help with finding him a new home.

A final note, we are a very busy household and I spend most of my time caring for my dogs and family, only ring if you are genuinely interested in offering one of our babies a home, NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE! and definitely NO BREEDERS!!

We are pleased to announce that ALL puppies born at Shirrmontana are UNAFFECTED with prcd-pra and clear of FN

Thank you for considering a Shirrmontana puppy.


At the time of first visit, if we are all happy and you wish to reserve a pup, a £200 non refundable holding fee will be required,  this is taken off the final figure and the balance to be paid in cash or bank transfer please at the time of collection. 



Full copy of the puppy contract you will be asked to sign can be founhere

A note about the breed.....

The English Cocker Spaniel


They are hardy gundogs who are natural retrievers who enjoy the water (most of them).  They are also excellent housedogs and family companions.  If that sounds like the perfect breed, you should also know that they need lots and lots of attention and affection.  This is a dog who will want to be with you 100% of the time, will want to sleep in your bed, and will want to be part of everything your family does.  They DO NOT like to be left alone for long periods of time.  The English Cocker Spaniel is a merry, boisterous, loyal and affection homebody.  Their tails hardly every stop wagging.  They love to go for walks with their families, or hang out in the garden and run around in circles.  They are very quick learners and are eager to please.  They make excellent therapy dogs, as they try to love everyone they meet.  They are moderately protective, can be a little possessive, but will probably lick anyone who breaks into your house.  They make excellent family companions:  energetic, sensitive, adaptable and full of life and exuberance - this is one lapdog you'll wonder how you ever lived without