Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

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With the worries on the new Lepto 4 vaccine, I have decided to follow the routine of many others and only vaccinate with the DHP only, just one injection needed at 10+ weeks and nothing more until 3 years later.

Full details on vaccination protocol can be found on the Nobivac website

Vera, our orange roan little girl was given just the one DHP at 12 weeks of age and my vet marked her card that nothing more was needed until 2020, DEFINITELY no Lepto 4, this is what has been killing our dogs, it completely knocks out their immune systems, plus the Lepto part of the vaccine only lasts a maximum of 8 weeks, so pointless in giving it, so we're lucky to have a vet that sticks to the guidelines of the manufacturers of the vaccine and be more interested in the health and well being of our dogs than lining their pockets.

Of course your vet will say they've had no reaction (which they have but failed to report it as is law) and then they'll worry you saying Lepto is rife at the moment - it's not!  Lepto can be treated, and dogs can still get it even after being vaccinated.

So please think long and hard before vaccinating, they only need boosters as a minimum every 3 years and some dogs are covered for life from their initial puppy jabs.  You can get a test called Titre, this will show if they still have immunity to the core vaccines - please note that Lepto is not a core vaccine, so don't be pushed into having it done.

The L4 is now done as a course of 3, the reason being your pup is still covered by mums immunity at 8 weeks which basically makes that first injection pointless, hence the need for a further 2 injections.