Shirrmontana Cocker Spaniels

Bred for health & temperament

6th June 2022

We are please to announce that Vera and Reggie are going to be parents second week of July.  Vera has had a few small problems at the start of pregnancy with slight spotting but pups are looking good on the scan.

Pups will be Kennel Club registered, insured, microchipped, vet checked and come with an extensive puppy care package including food the pups have been weaned onto, dates of worming etc.

All puppies from this litter will be hereditary clear of pra, fn, aon, ams, copies of both parents health tests will be available for you to view.

Please note we DO NOT vaccinate, as per the guidelines of Nobivac, we recommend one vaccination at 10+ weeks of age, if done at this age only one injection is needed.

As previously stated I do not start a waiting list until the puppies have arrived safely, but will keep any emails received from interested parties.  Previous puppy owners do get priority.

Thank you.

13th June 2022

One short video then a few still pictures at the end, as you can see pups are wriggling around now, so all looking good, we're close to the half way mark now

17th June 2022

Just a note to say I'm pretty certain this is going to be a smallish litter, definitely not double figures like Milas, Vera had a few problems earlier in pregnancy where she was bleeding and I feel she probably lost some pups in early pregnancy.  Things have now settled and the pups (as above video) are alive and kicking.  But please watch this page for updates.  We're now 5 weeks so just 4 weeks to go.   Vera has been on 2 weeks of antibiotics, which have now finished.

I've attached a video below taken today as you can see pups are growing nicely.

18th June 2022

I know I only posted a scan video a couple of days ago, but yesterday when I checked it looks like they're having a party in there, lots of lovely movement.  Also when the video changes to blue you can see a pup on it's side and the bones of the spine are now forming showing as white.  I just love watching the progress as they grow.