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All puppies now have homes, thank you for all your interest.

22nd March 2019


7th February 2019

Just a quick update to say Vera has had a few problems so is currently on antibiotics, but pleased to say she is pregnant, so fingers crossed all continues to go well.

This is a small litter and with the problems she's had, we won't be starting a waiting list until the litter has arrived safely. 

If you are interested in a possible pup from this litter, please feel free to contact me via email and I will get back in touch once the litter has been born.

Thank you for understanding.

Vera enjoying a break from the other dogs, at night she sleeps in a sectioned off part of our kitchen/dining room, just to give her some peace and quiet on her own.

12th February very short video taken today, I zoomed in on the puppy just to show how wriggly they are now,  5 weeks and 3 days gestation, video above!

Please note  as Vera had a few complications at the start  we don't think it will be a very big litter, my main concern is for Vera and her unborn babies.

13th February 2019  -  another short video taken today, pups have uncurled and you can now see them looking more like puppies wriggling around!

20th February 2019

With just 3 weeks to go, pups are looking good, because it's a small litter I don't think Vera has even realised she's pregnant, she's just carrying on as normal 

23rd February 2019  -  Another short video of the pups, hard to get them in on one picture now as they are filling out nicely, they are now easy to make out including little hearts beating away!

25th February 2019

Two weeks to go,  Vera has been enjoying chicken & tripe, and tripe, she's eating well today building up her energy.

This time next week I'll start the 7 day countdown.

27th February 2019

I know I only posted a couple of days ago, but couldn't resist, just look at this little pup kicking its leg out

5th March 2019 

-  7 weeks and 6 days, confirmed via head and abdomen measurements on scan, sorry no pictures as they fill the screen now so impossible to make out what is what.  Will start my 7 day countdown tomorrow, but in the meantime, I've posted a few pictures below of Vera checking out the whelping box and checking out Dexter the cat who has found a comfy bed in the box of puppy pads.  Vera isn't too keen on sleeping in there yet, so the door is open for her to come and go as she pleases, but spends most of her time in the dining room in her bed, close to my other dogs, this will change once labour starts.

If you click on the pictures they open up.

7  day countdown!

6th March 2019  -  7 days to go give or take a day or two, no change, not really expecting to see any changes just yet.

7th March 2019  -  6 days to go, no change this morning.

8th March 2019 -  5 days to go, no change this morning.   Vera is getting very fussy with her eating now, so this morning I've made her cheese, tuna cake, she did eat a couple so at least something has gone in, this will hopefully change once the pups arrive.

9th March 2019  -  4 days, apologies for lack of update today, been busy grooming my dogs before I'm tied down with Vera and her pups, all good no change.

10th March 2019  -  3 days to go, no change this morning!

11th March 2019  -  2 days to go  -  No change overnight, Vera is too calm and relaxed for anything to happen today, but should things change I'll update during the day.

12th March 2019  -  1 day to go  -  No change overnight, will update if anything changes during the day


Midday  orange  little girl 10.9oz  -  Belinda

12.35pm  bw/t boy  12.7oz  -  Shelley

1.20pm  orange boy  11.7oz  -  Laura 

1.40pm  orange boy 12.8oz  -  Jill

2.30pm  dark blue girl  11.4oz  -  Staying here.

I'm pretty sure we are all done, well done Vera, I'm surprised at 5 but she did so well 5 in 2.1/2 hours.

At the moment I'm not 100% if two of the oranges are roan or & white, only time will tell, one orange boy is definitely roan though as he has a brown nose.

More pictures tomorrow, this will give Vera time to settle with her new family.

Although my waiting list isn't officially open yet, some of the pups are already reserved, these are for people that had been waiting on Esmes litter back in December.

Day 1

First night over, Vera has settled into motherhood like a pro.  All pups have gained 30+ grams each, which is amazing, as it's not unusual for them to lose over the first couple of days.  Vera is eating well, pups moving around the whelping box.  

Well done Vera, you're doing an excellent job for a first time mummy

Vera looking more relaxed today 

14th March 2019  -  Day 2

Day 2 weigh in,  all doing well Vera is doing a fantastic job with them, just need her to sort out the cleaning of the pups now

Orange & white girl  384g  13.5oz  total gain 75g

BW/T boy 438g 15.4oz total gain 80g

Orange boy 410g 14.5oz total gain 78g

Orange boy 426g 15oz total gain 64g

Blue girl 386g 13.6oz total gain 64g

No losses which is wonderful!

18th March 2019

Apologies for lack of updates but busy looking after Vera and her babies,  they are all doing amazingly well, all gaining weight nicely.  Vera is being a fantastic first time mum, caring and feeding her babies.  They will be a week old tomorrow and the majority of them will have doubled their birth weights.

Listed below are their weights now,  and total weight gains in 6 days!

Orange & white girl  570g  1lb 4.1oz   total gain:  261g

Black & white boy  634g  1lb 6.3oz  total gain:  278g

Orange & white boy  656g  1lb 7.1oz  total gain:  324g

Orange roan boy  642g  1lb 6.6oz  total gain:  280g

Blue roan girl  604g  1lb 5.3oz  total gain:  282g

Picture below just taken sorry about the lighting this was taken on the cctv camera, but you can see how lovely and chunky these babies are

19th March 2019

Happy 1 week old Birthday puppies, thank you Vera for being a perfect mum and helping to rebuild my confidence.  5 lovely chunky babies!!

23rd March, 2019

Just a quick update, so far so good, pups are now 11 days old and gaining weight nicely, Vera is being an excellent first time mummy, feeding and cleaning her pups.  She's eating well and getting liquid calcium a few times per day, purely because the pups are taking so much from her.  I've never had a litter gain weight so quickly as these, which is wonderful.

Orange & white girl  966g  2lb 2.2oz      total weight gain  657g

Black & white boy  1000g  2lb 3.5oz  total weight gain 644g

Orange & white boy  1050g  2lb 5oz  total weight gain 718g

Orange roan boy  1050g  2lb 5oz  total weight gain 688g

Blue roan girl  940g  2lb 1.2oz  total weight gain 618g

Pictures to follow in a couple of days time, puppies eyes should be opening any day now.

24th March 2019  -   One short video of the puppies today, definitely more lively and eyes are starting to open

30th March 2018 - Day 18

Apologies for the lack of updates, but as you can see the pups are doing amazingly well, so not much to report.  They had their first worming on day 14 without any problems, all their eyes are open and they're up on all 4's now, today we've opened up the whelping box for them to come out if they prefer, next step will be meeting their new owners then the weaning will start.

I've posted a video below taken today, and todays weights.

Orange girl                        1440g          3lb 2.5oz

Black & white boy           1470g          3lb 3.5oz

Orange & white boy        1560g         3lb 7oz

Orange roan boy              1540g          3lb 6oz

Blue roan girl                    1450g          3lb 3.5oz

1st April 2019  -  As the pups are up and about now, thought I'd do another short video this morning 

As the pups will be 3 weeks tomorrow and taking a lot from Vera, decided to try them on a little solid food, this is Natural Instrict weaning paste, which is finely ground chicken meat and bone, I think we can safely say it was a hit, they only ate a little then mum went in to clean up and finish what the pups had left, this was just a saucer with a couple of spoonfuls of meat mixed with warm water.  There is sound with this video and you can hear them squeaking with excitement 

Our beautiful babies at 24 days!

Orange & white boy

Blue roan girl

Orange & white girl

Orange roan boy

Black & white boy

Another short video of the pups on walk about today 11th April 2019.  They are all doing so well

This weekend the puppies will be getting visits from their potential new families, we're looking forward to meeting them all and the new families are excited about meeting Vera and her babies 

Another video taken tonight, it seems that as soon as I say it's bedtime they think that means PLAYTIME!

Pictures below of pups first time in the garden  19/4/2019

27th April 2019

Supper time!!

Can't believe how quickly time is flying by just over a week and our babies start flying the nest,  they have their final vets appointment next Friday so I will be microchipping them middle of next week.  I then have the puppy packs to prepare ready for them to be leaving for their new homes.

This has been a lovely litter, just what I needed after our upset back in December, thank you Vera for being an excellent first time mummy and restoring my faith in breeding which I was ready to give up, so glad I didn't.

1st May 2019

Today all 5 pups were microchipped without as much as a flinch, the joys of having lovely chubby pups.  Final vet check on Friday then Ziggy is first to leave us on Saturday and the other 3 over the week next week.  Little Elsie will then be on her own until we pick up our new boy in a months time

6th May 2019

So the week has arrived that our babies start leaving the nest, good luck to you all in your new homes, we wish you all long, happy and healthy lives.

8th May 2019  -  Last video of the 4 pups and mum together, Ziggy had already left for his new home.

9th May 2019

Joey and Bessie are now in their new homes which just leaves Duke who leaves us tomorrow, we wish you all a long, happy and healthy life with your new families and look forward to updates .

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